Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Biker Boy

Check out the Extreme Biker action here!

I just watched BMX trick rider, Danny MacAskill, performing all sorts of extreme bike stunts on youtube. My own little extreme biker, 4-year-old Xander, watched with me. He is all fired up ... and has his head freshly full of visions that involve flying off of stairs, riding up a tree trunk, flipping through the air - and all on bike!!!

As his mom, these bold visions of his can be a little frightening, but ultimately, I find them exciting!! As he ages, his personality, passions, and talents are constantly being revealed like the layers of the proverbial onion - or peony, if you will. I am watching always for clues as to who this precious creation was, in fact, created to be. I admit that watching him fly off a bunch of stairs (particularly at four) is scary - but who I am I to tell him it is not to be done? (Okay, okay - I hear you -I am his MOTHER - I know ... ) So I am not sending him down the stairs on a bike (though, in truth, he's already done this of his own volition, without my permission), but I can provide a 6-inch jump in the cul-de-sac - and I can show him video clips of the pros to stir his imagination - and I can pray.

So, now we are off to pick up his big brother at school ... on our bikes. (Wish us well!)

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