Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Lord's Name in Spain

My 8-year-old, Tobey, has an uncanny ability to retain information. Or maybe for an 8-year-old, its not uncanny at all?! After all, he's only been storing info for the past 8 years, so he's probably got plenty of room in the old noggin for everything and anything - not like my 35-year-old brain which, I think has reached maximum capacity - and as such, I suspect, sort of throws out old stuff to make room for the new - except when it doesn't - which simply means that the new stuff isn't properly stored! (That's why I'm blogging, I suppose, so that when I've forgotten everything - I can go back and read about myself. teehee)

Anyway, yesterday, I realized that - YES - he IS absorbing what he hears. However, sometimes what he "hears" isn't quite what was "said". We were driving home from Glenwood City (we'd just dropped off the no-bake peanut butter pie I made) when Tobey recounted a new "fact" that he had retained from "who knows where" and that may or may not have been accurate - except that he got it not-quite-right.

Tobey: "Did you know that it would take a rocket ship only 10 minutes to fly from Hollywood to California?"

(Come again?)

Me: "Oh, you mean from California to New York! One coast to the other?!"

Tobey: (giggles) Oh, yeah!

Me: "Oh Lord, Tobey. You are too funny."

Tobey: (In typical oldest child know-it-all fashion) "MOM! You took the Lord's name in Spain!"

The Lord's name in Spain?! Do I say something? You bet I do - can't help myself ...

REFLECTION: How often do I not"hear" what is being really being "said"?

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