Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Thank God for Good Teachers

Tobey and Mrs. Karrmann on the first day of 2nd grade!

Today was Tobey's last day in 2nd grade.

I went to school at noon to share a picnic lunch with him on the damp playground grass.

After, we went to his classroom one last time, to collect his belongings and tell Mrs. Karrmann "thank you" and "good-bye". I'd brought a gift for her. Tobey and I meant to pick it out together last night, but forgot. (Yep - I feel like sort-of-an-idiot!) So, instead, I asked him to trust me with the shopping this morning. However, I did ask him what he thought Mrs. K might like. He barely hesitated, "Either flowers or a necklace (Good boy!!!). Well ... maybe the necklace. You don't have to remember to water those." Haha.
So, I got the necklace - and earrings to match - at La-dee-dah, a locally owned gift shop with incredibly cute items at remarkably affordabe prices. Mrs. K thanked us for the gift, told Tobey how much she enjoyed him this year, and then thanked me for sharing my "treasure" with her - and you know what? I really believe that she meant it!!!

In the car, I ask Tobey whether he felt excited to be finished with 2nd grade.

Tobey says, "No - not really."

He thinks a bit more, "I'll miss seeing my friends every day. And Mrs. Karrmann was really nice. After having her for a whole year, it is weird to think that someone else will teach me."

I smile and say, "Yes, wasn't God good to give you such a wonderful teacher?"

He looks at me, confused.

"God didn't give me Mrs. Karrmann!"

I smile again, and ask, "Who made Mrs. Karrmann?"


"And who put her in your life?"

"God? But, how do you know?"

I tell him how I know. I know because I asked God for Mrs. Karrmann - not by name because, actually, I didn't know her by name before this year. But for several years, I have regularly asked God to surround my kids with good teachers and good friends. These are those who will spend time with my young, impressionable children when I do not. I need God to put the right people there - and I trust him 100% to do so.

Tobey has often heard me pray this over him aloud, "Father, thank you for this day. Give Tobey peaceful sleep, and bless him with good friends and good teachers. Help me to be a good parent, and grow Tobey to be a godly man. In Jesus' name, Amen."

I know God put Mrs. Karrmann with Tobey because 1) I asked Him to provide a good teacher, and 2) Tobey has confirmed Mrs. Karrmann is, in fact, a very good teacher. Here's the truth - Tobey has ALWAYS been blessed with wonderful teachers (thank you, God). What a blessing a good teacher is!
Thank you, God!
And, thank you, Mrs. Karrmann!

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