Thursday, October 29, 2009

Sew Captivating

I dare you to look at this picture and tell me it is not one of the most beautiful you've ever seen!  I saw this photo in my September/October issue of Children's Ministry magazine and was completely smitten!  Smitten, I tell you!!!  Aren't these girls in their little dresses the epitome of GORGEOUS?

So, because I was so captivated by this pic, I had to read the little blurb that accompanied it.  I learned that these are young girls in Uganda who "rarely get new items to wear."  These girls are all glowing because they are wearing their brand new bea-u-tiful pillowcase dresses delivered by Hope 4 Kids International (

I know next to nothing about sewing.  I did make a sweatshirt one year in home economics - and then a blouse the next year, but it was NEVER my thang.  However, the blurb I read suggests that kids - KIDS, people - can be taught to sew these simple dresses from pillowcases and donate to girls just like these lovely little ladies in Uganda.  I might be mistaken, but there is a good chance that I'll never sew one of these sweet confections, but I can type a few lines - share my enthusiasm - and maybe some of YOU (I KNOW you're out there) will be inspired!

I remember being a girl about the age of those shown above - and a new dress was akin to a dream.  I'd wear it & inspect it down to the tag sewn on the inside.  I'd spin to see whether it swirled around my knees.  I'd run to feel whether it floated or clung (I prefer the floaters).  I'd memorize it with my fingers - and I'd never - never - want to take it off.

So, if you're inspired to sew ... click here for a tutorial.  Dress a girl ... a girl just waiting to twirl.


  1. Well...maybe we should start "recycling" old pillowcases? I have a sewing machine and I'm sure there are women in SAMmy's Menomonie that can sew. ...just sayin' ;)

  2. I LIKE this idea alot ...

    I am not ready to head up any more projects. My plate is full - and I've not been nudged by God to do more than promote ... and maybe inspire ...

    Are you inspired? Just askin' ;)

    Love you! :-)

  3. Love your comments! I'm laughing, girl! I do think these girls are beautiful, and it sounds like a beautiful program (however, I've not the time or the talent to participate...). :) But, I'm sure you have readers who are sew-savvy! These girls are just BEAUTIFUL, though! What a great idea...pillowcases...of all things! (Sic Shelly Kurtzhals on this one! She's Miss Creative Lady!)

  4. I'm right with you Pennie! I already suggested to Shelly that she peek at my blog - she IS Miss Creative Seamstress Woman forsure!!! And I posted a link on FB - Dawn Wachsmuth responded that Shelly HAS made these before for her girlies - and they ARE super cute (of course they are!). :-)

  5. I see a trend :)
    I keep hearing my name mentioned.
    Well ladies, it's interestingly enough that this comes up. I have some things weighing very deeply on my heart. They have to do with sewing and giving.
    Imagine that :)
    I will be re reading the post Kris Ann and then doing lots of praying on this tonight. I just sent an email to my small group about doing a silent auction for our Christmas Brunch and of course, will start on the goods to donate to the cause if the interest is there.
    Pennie, I am STILL working on SAMmy's scarves :P) I just bought new fabric this week. I've tried 3 different types and 3 different prototypes and none of them are cutting the bill :( I'm not giving up though!
    I love you girls and your confidence in me. I'm honored.

  6. I love it!! Since I am a mommy to a lovely little girl from Uganda (more to follow I pray!)...I am tickled to pieces at the idea! Can't wait till my emma comes home and I show her...

    Thank you for sharing!!


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