Sunday, November 15, 2009

Cutest Ever Necklace

As we get close to Christmas (close enough anyway), I start thinking about gifts ... and gifts lead me to think about jewelry (right after God's Greatest EVER Gift, mind you).  Jewelry is one of my favorite gifts to give AND to receive.  Though my weight shifts up and down, jewelry always fits - and if well chosen, works well from one season to the next.  Unlike other accessories (shoes and purses), jewelry generally wears well, and is a quick and easy way to punctuate my outfit. 

Here is the piece that is at the VERY top of my wish list!  Isn't it perfectly darling?!  I am SO not a high-end gem and diamond sort or girl, favoring simple, fun everyday pieces.  I LOVE the gold and silver combo on this sweet monogram charm - and though it can easily hold its own, it would most definitely "play nice" with other longer chains.  And at $34.00, you won't need to map out a payment plan!

Tell me how much you love this!


  1. i absolutely LOVE it! :) may add this to my wish list as well hehehe

  2. you have the best taste!! not only jewelry, but you always look sooooo nice.
    and i wanted to make sure that you did get your bracelet back on Sunday. i left thinking, what if E lost it & you'd really think it was in my bag!!

  3. Cool, Liz!

    And, Jensine - I'm tempted to tell you my bracelet is missing - but I won't ... 'cause its not! ;-)


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