Sunday, December 27, 2009

Sleep Procrastination

Oh, I've been laughing uncontrollably - and have stopped just long enough to blog about it.  Already, I'm beginning to suspect that the humor may be lost in translation, but anyhow...

To begin, we have to get up at 6am to travel with TJ to a hockey tournament.  The plan was to head to bed at about 11pm (but obviously that failed - it is 12:40 right now), get a good night's rest - and pop up with the alarm in the morning.  Honestly, this plan (for me, at least) was doomed from the get-go (I rarely go to bed before 12:30 - and am too often up until 1:30 am .  7:30am is my normal wake-up time).  But anyway, we still had good intentions - Jay and I.

It was 11pm (the appointed time) when I came into the bedroom (but not to go to bed - no) to tell my hubby that I would come to bed now, but I'd just read Beth Moore's blog post and she wanted to know how I was blessed this year (she wanted to know SPECIFICALLY how I was blessed - she wrote "specifically" in all caps like that) and I really felt compelled to take 20 minutes to respond (couldn't let my dear siesta down, right?). 

Forty minutes later, Jay wanders out to the living room where I've not only responded to Beth Moore's query, but have checked in on 8 or so other blogs and have completely lost track of the time (this - unfortunately - is typical of me - I think I have a disease, "notimeconceptitis").  He is just confirming to me what I've suddenly noticed - that my 20 minutes has inexplicably doubled.


So, I get off the computer immediately 20 more minutes later and head to the bedroom.  Now, it is midnight.  Jay and I look at each other and laugh.  Neither of us is tired.  We snuggle ...

Jay decides that he should take a shower.  He can't sleep.  He heads to the bathroom, and I decide that I'm going to read the today's devotion from Beth Moore's daily devotional, "Praying God's Word" and I turn on my reading light (actually it is Jay's reading light - neither of us has been sleeping well, so we've decided to try swapping sides of the bed).  The lamp has been doing funky stuff like turning off and on and dimming of its own accord (I'm no electrician, but I think this indicates that something is wrong with the lamp's wiring) and when I turn on the switch, it starts flickering (bright, dim, bright, dim) and then - pop, fizz - the lamp makes a noise and the light goes out ... and so does everything else in the bedroom and bathroom (again ... I am no electrician, but I think this indicates that a fuse has blown).

From the bathroom (it is now 12:20), I hear the shower running and then Jay, "Hon?  Hon?  Hey ... I'm still in here!"

And that is where I start to laugh ... and laugh and laugh and laugh!  I can't talk.  At first, I can tell that he thinks I turned off the lights accidentally, but then I can tell that he 's changed his mind and believes I'm pulling a prank (I can tell because now he says, "Hey hon?!  Not funny!  Turn the lights on.")  Later, he tells me that he thought I was pranking him because all he could hear was me laughing hysterically (hmmm ... that would be suspicious.)  Finally, he turns off the shower and I manage to choke out, "Fuse ... blew a fuse ... I'll get it."

And I do ... and then I came back here and blogged about it!

BTW - while I typed this up, Jay ate a bowl of Life cereal and a handful of mixed nuts while snuggling with the dog and watching NCIS:Los Angeles. 

It is now 1:15am.  So much for our plan!

At least we're laughing ... for now. 

I predict that this will not be nearly so funny at 6 am.

Good night ... I hope.  :-)


  1. I'm glad to hear of the laughter in your house. Laughter is healing in all forms and it is so nice to know after all the prayer these past two weeks.


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