Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Sweet Little Kiddie

When I was a child, my daddy always called his children "sweet little kiddies" or his "five little kiddies" (there were five of us of which I was the oldest).  I always LOVED this term of endearment - and still do!  He used it then - and uses it today even though I'm 35!  I have always been - and will always be - his "sweet little kiddie" even though I have most certainly not always been a "sweet little kiddie".  (teehee)

Anyway, now that I'm a mama - my own "sweet little kiddies" have most certainly shown me that they also are not always "sweet little kiddies", but they do have their moments!  Of sweetness, that is - and these past couple days, I've enjoyed some sweet moments that I want to record (I hate, hate how easily I forget things that ought to be remembered!)

Five-year-old Xander is a whiz at building things - with Legos, wood blocks, K'Nex, Magnetix, etc. - and this morning he fashioned a small pyramid from his Magnetix and then attached a hook (also of Magnetix) and announced that this was a Christmas tree ornament (of course it is!) - AND this particular Christmas tree ornament is to go to Ms. Laura (his preschool teacher) for her tree at her home.

Awwww ... how sweet!

My sweet little kiddie.

And so, he brought the "ornament" along to preschool, leaving it in the car and (I suspect) forgetting about it until I picked him up and he climbed back into his carseat where he spied the "ornament".

"Mom!  The ornament for Miss Laura!  Let's go back!!!"

I was tempted to say, "Oh no, she'll be fine without that."   Or worse, "That's silly."

I said neither of these.  (Praise God.)  I said, as if it were the most natural thing in the world, "Okay!  Let's take your 'ornament' to Miss Laura."

Xander hopped out of the Sub with his "ornament" in hand, carefully holding it away from himself so as not to damage it in any way - and proudly (with a barely suppressed smile tugging at the corners of his mouth) marched down the hall and back to Miss Laura's room.  She was standing at the door.

"Miss Laura.  This is an ornament for you.  For your tree."

Miss Laura glanced quickly at me and then back at Xander and took the "ornament" carefully from his pudgy little 5-year-old hands.

"Are you sure you don't want to keep these to use with the rest of your Magnetix?"

He shakes his head confidently.  No.

I see the smile pop out in full bloom on his face - all the way to his eyes and down to his big/little heart from whence his offering came.

Ah.  How sweet.

Miss Laura sees it, too.

"Well then, thank you SO much, Xander."

His heart is popping out of his eyes and his smile reaches beyond his face.

I love these moments.  How sweet.

My sweet little kiddie.

So, that is my main "sweet little kiddie" tale for tonight, but I am going to share a few photos from earlier in the week.  Tobey and Daddy were gone doing "guy stuff" (shopping for cars) and Xander was home with me.  He pulled out the checkers board.  Set it up on my desk, perched himself on my desk, and invited me to play.

So, of course, we played.  (He was too cute to refuse!  See for yourself.)

Sweet Little Kiddie!  :-)

Blessings to you, you Sweet Little Kiddie, you!

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  1. Not a chance I could have refused a face like that, either, Kris Ann! What a CUTIE!


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