Tuesday, January 26, 2010

2 Things 2sday - My 1st!

I love all things related to home decor, so I couldn't resist playing along with Kass at BacWoods Fern when I saw that she hosts a Tuesday bloghop in which you share two things that you are just LOVIN' around your house!  I have LOTS I love around my house - besides the fam and the pooches. 

You wanna play?  Just write a post showcasing two things that you are lovin' around your home with a link back to BacWoods Fern where you can link up with the MckLinky!

So without further ado ... here are just two of MANY things I love around my home ...

My spider plant had 2 babies ... so I needed wanted to create a cute little still life with the babies while they soak up water and sprout roots!  This is a food pedestal from Southern Living.  The lid and bowl were a 25 cent thrift sale find ... and the fishing lure is a golden oldie from my FIL.  Cute, right?!

And this teapot - LOVE!!!  Clearance at TJMaxx ... $5.00!  J'adore!

Thank you, BacWoods Fern!!!


  1. i LOVE your two things! that stand with plant, lure, lid is marvelous! and the teapot with bird is so cute. i also love the photo of you above your husband and kids on your sidebar! you are so cute and pretty! and i love your top/dress :-)

    thanks so much for playing along and linking up!

  2. I love the plant stand, it is too cute! Also the bird teapot is really cute :o)

  3. Oh my gosh that tea pot is way too cute!!!!!

    My spiderplants are having way too many babys.I love this idea of displaying them as they grow roots. How about we trade ideas. I'll take this one you can have my poster idea:)

  4. I love that pedestal and bowl, too cute! And seriously, $5 for that teapot...awesome! :)

  5. We are kindred spirits when it comes to finding bargains (and about a trillion other things, but I digress...oh - another thing we're kindred spirits with! lol) Love the teapot, and your creative flair! I have SAMmy's today and then my small group is going to meet for lunch, but I may try calling you again later - you have something going on Fri., right? Maybe I can drop off those binders at your church for you? I need directions...

  6. I love both of your finds, and that pedestal is great! $5 for the teapot is great. Don't you just love TJ Maxx clearance?!?

  7. Thanks all for your super sweet comments on my faves!

    Kass - LOVE this blog hop - will surely hop along again!

    Helga and Laura - thank you SO much for stopping by often! I appreciate you both!!!

    Maura - By all means - lets swap ideas!!! I think I get the better end of the deal ... so no complaints here!!!

    Danielle - YES!!! LOVE TJMaxx clearance!!!

    Pennie - I just got your comment - and was then reminded that I got your home phone message - but had yet to check the celly. Anywhooo - I got it now - and yes, give me a jingle - we can sort out a point of connection on Friday! :-)

  8. I adore that bird bath/bowl combo. How original! I would never have thought to combine the two pieces; it's very eclectic.

    Now I can call you both a fashion AND an interior design muse!

    Confessions From A Working Mom

  9. don't you just love kassi's series? i loveeeee your teapot and can't believe you got it for such a steal! :) i love white kitchenware and anything with birds. this suits my fancy perfectly!!!

    your spider plant baby reminds me that i need to get a plant in our new house.

    i think i need to go thrifting with you! :)

  10. Beautiful photos!

    I gave you a blog award over at my blog...!


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