Thursday, January 7, 2010

Are You a Mover or a Non-Mover?

Well, THIS morning I checked out my Blogger dashboard (this was meant to be just a quick glance, BUT I think that "glancing at Blogger dashboard" just might be an oxymoron).  At any rate, a post caught my eye - it was from my FAVORITE author/teacher, Beth Moore.  So I read it and 15 minutes later ... I was laughing so hard, that I it would be unkind of me not to share what I read with you! 

But before you go visit her over at Living Proof Ministries, let me just say that this post was a follow-up to one that she did on moving a simple table from behind her sofa to against a wall.  This was the FIRST time in 25 years that she EVER moved a piece of furniture in her home!!!!  I simply cannot imagine as I am a habitual mover/rearranger - and have been since I was about nine years old.  My mom never knew what to expect when she came home from her job as a school speech therapist.  I moved knick-knacks, chairs, sofas, side tables, a piano ... and on and on.  The piano, BTW, was a challenge.  I remember grabbing one corner at a time and shoving with all my might, budging it one inch here and one inch there - over and over and over until it reached the site I'd deemed "perfect".  Really, it is a passion of mine - and I've spent time in MANY of my friends homes redecorating for them - or staging their homes for sale.  I find it ridiculously FUN - and SO much cheaper than buying new stuff!

So, anyway, I found it incredibly odd, to say the least, that Mrs. Moore had only just discovered that you could actually move furniture from one place to the other!  (I find it so refreshing to literally see things in a different light - it translates into refreshment of my very spirit!)  However, her post from today reveals that she is not alone ... and neither am I!  She observes that the women, at least in her blog community are "comprised of formidable teams of both movers and immovers (the false noun form of the adjective “immovable.”)"  Furthermore (this is SO interesting) "immovers appear to prefer daytime and movers are undeniably night owls. (As are vampires.)"

Indeed, I am a NIGHT OWL (I prefer this to vampire!) AND I am a MOVER!  For more fascinating insights on decorating/redecorating ... visit Mrs. Moore right here!

PS - You'll find that in her post, she is puzzled over what to call the sofa table now that it is no longer behind the sofa.  I suggest to her that it is a "console table" as per definition a console table is "A small table, often with curved legs resembling consoles, designed to be set against a wall." 

Anyhoodle (I borrowed that from my real life pal, Shelly, over at "I like the way you do ..." - cute, right?  You can borrow it, too ... I think ... I didn't ask.  I guess I stole it.) ... but, anyhoodle, enjoy a good laugh care of Beth Moore!

Just for fun: 
A Before and After pic of my previous home's kitchen Before and After painting and decluttering it for sale.

BTW - Are YOU a Mover or a Non-mover?


  1. Can I hire you to do that to my house?? I absolutly dislike to decorate, the thought is overwhelming to me. I would love someone to do it for me since the thought sends my stress level up and out the skylight in my bedroom.

  2. Love it!
    I hopped over here from Mama M's blog and saw your comment--I'm a Bennie too! I was there in 94 and then 96-99 (took a year off when I had my son). Anway, Go Bennies!
    And great kitchen! Color me jealous!

  3. I'm a non-mover. But, my Aunt Helen was such a mover, my Uncle Ralph said he was afraid to get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, or else he may kill himself getting back into bed - he was afraid she'd rearrange the furniture while he was in the bathroom! She was a bit on the nervous side! :)

  4. I love, love, love moving furniture around! It gives the room a whole new look for nothing! And I love to paint. It's also a really cheap update!

  5. I'm a mover and it's an ongoing joke in my family. My niece was here for 3 days and I had just changed the room before she got there (so it was different since the last time she had been there) and then changed it the last day she was there. Then she came back for Black Friday and it was different again.
    I move my stuff ALL the time. I read that if you are a habitual "mover" your house might not have good feng shui.
    Whatever. I just like new things. K?
    PS, I SUPPOSE you can borrow anyhoodle since I stole it from
    first. HA.

  6. wow I bet that kitchen made you wish you did it before you were moving it looks so good. Its amazing what a little color {And a little less stuff} does for a room!

  7. Too funny! I'm a mover (and always have been... there is something so refreshing about changing things up!) and I am definitely a night owl... I truly can't stand mornings! That is really bizarred.

    Also, I just had to comment because I linked onto this through MckMama and it was so odd because I had just written about starting a Beth Moore bible study yesterday (very new to it all) and it just seems like such random timing that I would then link onto this... I didn't even know she had a blog, but now I'm going to have to check it out!

  8. I'm a mover, too. And I love the color you painted the kitchen - it's what I've been looking at for MY kitchen, and my cabinets look very similar to those, now I have a good idea of what it will look like! Hooray!

    You should stop back by All A Bunch Of Momsense - there's something for you there!

  9. I am SO a mover!! We have a suncken living room upstairs and with the furniture we have it doesn't really work well moving it around and it!! :) I totally laughed at Beth Moore yesterday too, she is way too cute! :)

  10. i am a mover. bruce has the same worries that pennie's uncle had... he's injured himself more than once. :) in addition to being a mover, i am a remodeler. thankfully bruce is talented, so we make a great team. i think of all the things i want for him to do... and he does them!! lol
    personally, i'd like to blame my "mover-ness" on physically moving to so many different homes while growing up and then out on my own. moving stuff around in my house (and remodeling) has kept me in this house the longest i've ever lived anywhere---five whole years!! btw... not a night person at all, more of a mid-morning to afternoon kinda gal!


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