Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Butterfly Circus

I just viewed a video that I LOVED!!!

I don't often take the time to view videos that are posted to me on FB - or emailed to me en masse, but as luck would have it, I did just that tonight!

I almost didn't. 

I was tagged on an FB post.  I'm sure I'd never even have notice this post, but someone commented on it, simply "Wow!" and this showed up in my email box. (BTW - did you know that email is officially not cool with the younger folks? I just learned this at a ministry conference.  Its become outdated!!!  What?!  Even FB is on its way out - Twitter is where its at ... for the next month or so anyway!)

Anyway, back to the story.  I saw the "Wow!" and my curiosity piqued.  I just happened to have a little quiet time all to my little, old, outdated self - and decided I'd just take a peek.  Anyway, I needed to come up with something to share with our junior high kiddos at Sunday School tomorrow and thought, MAYBE this flick has some spiritual content (which is DOES!) and maybe I could use it (which I WILL!) ...

But then, when I got to the video, I almost didn't view it again.  It's 20 minutes long.  I don't know ... maybe its just me, but 20 minutes seems like a really long online view.  Still, I wanted to know what the "Wow!" was all about ... so, I hit play - reminding myself that ... BTW, I CAN stop watching if I don't care for it.

Anyhoodle, I LOVED it.  Really loved it.  So, I'm sharing it here - in case, you've 20 minutes to devote to "Wow!" ... and then I'll share it again on the morrow with my lucky youth crew.

The Butterfly CircusClick HERE.

The limbless dude in The Butterfly Circus is Nick Vujicic whose testimony I've seen before and know forsure that I LOVE (you will, too).  In fact, watching that for the first time (about a year ago) was a "Wow!" moment for me.  In case, you've another 10 minutes ... (sure you do ... ), I'm posting his testimony below!

Praising His Name in ALL circumstances!!!  Woot, woot!

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  1. I was supposed to be writing...BUT I watched both the testimony and movie with Bridge...typical...I get sidetracked SO EASILY! :) But, it was worth it! Beautiful movie. LOVED IT! If the retreat was "Transformation", this would have been a thing to consider...maybe some year... :)


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