Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What I'm Singing ... Even Though I CAN'T!


It is Working Mommy Wednesday sponsored by Julia over at Sweet As Punkin Pie

Julia's got a question for us that I can't resist answering.  If you'd like to see what other mommies are saying, visit Julia and snoop around!  Wanna answer this yourself?  Link up at Julia's - or just respond to the question in the comments section!

So, without further ado ... the question of the week is ...

What song do you always find yourself singing
at the top of your lungs
when you're in the car
all by yourself?

I have WAY too many answers to this question, but I've narrowed it down to 2 (I think ... I need to STOP thinking or I'll never complete this post!!).  The 2 tunes that I cannot resist singing along to AT THE TOP of my LUNGS are ...
1.  Lay 'em Down by NeedtoBreathe

2.  Grace Like Rain by Todd Agnew

I just KNOW that when I get in my car today (in 20 minutes, I am off to get a massage!!!!!  I am cashing in on the gift certificate that I've carried in my wallet for TWO YEARS!!  Whoda thunk it so hard to set aside time for a little pampering?!) - I am gonna hear something and sing along at the TOP of my LUNGS (even though it is NOT pretty - see previous post) and wish I'd included THAT song, too ... but ...

for now

that's my answer -

and I'm sticking to it

(at least for the next 20 minutes!)


  1. Grace Like Rain is an awesome song!!! are you a Chris tomlin fan?? he's awesome too!! i have TONS of worship songs that I can belt out as well!

  2. Great song pics! Enjoy your massage - you deserve it!

  3. Way to go on finally getting that massage in! Thanks for stopping by my blog - it's nice to "meet" you!

  4. Just stumbled across your blog, it's so cute :-)

    I would have to say Rascal Flats!

  5. Julia - YES!!! LOVE, LOVE Chris Tomlin!!!

    Pennie - THANK YOU!!!

    Tammy - Nice to "meet" you, too!

    JMay - Rascal Flatts - YES!!! Wish I'd thought of them! Saw them in concert just over a year ago with my little sis. Taylor Swift opened. SO good - as you might well imagine! :-)


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