Monday, February 1, 2010

Chocolate & Antiques!

Last Saturday, the boy-ohs and I took a little excursion right in our own little downtown. 

First stop was Legacy Chocolates - a puveyer of fine artisanal chocolate - truffles, cocoa, cake, and the drool-worthy Love Potion No. 9, billed as "the elixer for chocolate lovers" which indeed it is (I bought 14 oz. and am rationing it out carefully - I serve it warm on good vanilla ice cream)!  Legacy also serves the finest in homemade soups and sandwiches - the reuben I ordered was nothing short of heavenly - only God Himself could do better!  No kidding!

Gripping the Love Potion!

Ha!  He looks grumpy - but actually this was his attempt at a "silly face"!

2 thumbs up - and 2 smiles
(3, if you count the one on the other side of the camara) for Legacy!

My beverage favorita - in a Legacy mug!  Mmm - mmm.

After Legacy, we wandered down the street to Town & Country Antiques, a 2-story antique & vintage emporium.  As we walked, I snapped a few shots of the buildings downtown.  Some beautiful old architecture and materials.

The historic Mabel Tainter theater - the whole fam enjoys taking in local productions here.

Town and Country Antiques
The boys enjoyed pouring over the treasures within every bit as much as I!

I LOVE that the antique store promotes antiqueing as another form of recycling!
Which it IS!  I'm shopping AND helping Mother Earth!  hehehe. 

J'adore this!  *sigh*

These are the 2 goodies that I brought home with me.
Pewter alphabet mug (TOO cute - will use as pen holder)
and OLD cow bell - will paint monogram on this & hang outside.

It was sprinking outside.  Beyond the trees is the lake.

XL found himself a treasure at the antique store, a Howdy Doody gun!

Parting shot of the local college campus before ducking into our car.



  1. Hi Kris,
    Thanks for the comment and for following me! I LOVE the pictures from your at-home excursion, but how on earth do you have the power to ration the chocolate? That would never work for me. My trip home from work involves passing a Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory and I have to be sure to always walk on the other side of the street to prevent myself from going in every day. hehehe. Hope you don't mind if I follow you too!

  2. These are really great pictures that you took and wow I would love to go to that chocolate place. YUMMY!!!

  3. What beautiful photos! I once spoke at the Mabel Tainter for a conference...beautiful inside!!! Love the pics of the boys, too! You are quite the photographer,girlie! :) Keep posting those creative photos - I love 'em!

  4. Oh what a fun eye candy post!
    I've never been in Legacy...
    I did not know you were an antique girl too....I see a little antiquing date ahead in our future :)

  5. I stumbled and fell into your blog...Very nice...Im a new blogger and just wanted to say Hello


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