Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I Gotta Bug ... and I Killed That Sucker!

I gotta bug on a horse!

A Trojan horse, that is.  All nice to look at and presented as a gift, but ... ooh, what was inside was SO not nice at all.

Let me explain.

If you had tried to visit my blog recently, you would have been redirected to some unknown suspicious site. 

I fretted over what to do about this.  I am so not a techie.  Should I just start over?  Throw in the towel?  Consider this a bloggie vacay ... an extended one at that?!

I tooled through the blogger forums, finding nothing helpful ... until, "Hark!"  I discovered what was the matter ... and, bloggie friends, (praise the Lord!!!), it was so simple that I was able to fix it all by my un-techie self!!!

Some outside gadgets are loaded with a bug that redirects traffic to your blog elsewhere.  Often, these bugs are time-delayed ... not activating for days, weeks, even MONTHS after installation.  All I had to do was sort through my gadgets ... particularly those NOT from Blogger ... and according to the info I read, when I clicked on the infected gadget, it would immediately redirect me ... and that would be confirmation that this was the bug that had to DIE ... errr ... be deleted.

Soooooo, I came back to my dashboard and looked at my layout.  The first gadget that I clicked on was a blinky clock that I'd added a while ago (a month maybe?) ... and moments after opening it, I was redirected, soooo ... I thought, "SCORE!!!  I've found the Trojan horse!"

And I KILLED ... errr ... deleted that sucker!!!

And I am BACK in the saddle ... my OWN saddle (not the Trojan horses)!


  1. YAY! I wonder why that happens sometimes, now I know. Thanks!

  2. That is so awesome!! I figured it was some type of virus.....nasty little boogers. LOL Glad you're back on the horse again!! :)

    Tree aka Mother of Pearl

  3. So glad you fixed it. I had to restore my ENTIRE computer last year. It cost mucho dollars and I lost some precious photos! I hate trojan horses, bugs, viruses, hackers!

    Anywhoo, so happy for you! :)

  4. You little smarty pants - becoming quite the techie! (Looks like those prayers worked, Hmmm???) :) Glad to have you back in bloggy-land!

  5. Yay for the little not techy chick! lol I am always telling my kid's "nothing is free.." if you find a "gizmo or gadget" be sure that there is some underlying "code" or something that brings ppl somewhere they never asked to go! lol glad you got that one nipped in the buttt.. ps love your photo! :)

  6. Hi :-)
    You won my Skoy Eco Cloth Giveaway, but could not find an email from you for the entry, so if you pop me over an email with your mailing info Skoy will be mailing out the prizes to the winner's directly!
    Thanks :-)
    P.S. Check out my new just posted tonight!

  7. So when can you diagnose why my computer locks up each time I try to print something???????


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