Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Pedestals: Just say "NO"

This week is the kickoff for the mom's ministry I direct, SAMmy's, in Menomonie.

I am VERY much looking forward to it, but struggle - often with the whole "Director" title.  Unfortunately, with a title like that, some folks tend to stick you on a pedestal.  That's terrifying to me.  The higher they place you, the further you have to fall - at least, that's how I see it.  I hate pedestals.

I was searching for a verse just a few minutes ago, and came across the following passage that just perfectly suits me.

"Don't let people do that to you, put you on a pedestal like that. You all have a single Teacher, and you are all classmates. Don't set people up as experts over your life, letting them tell you what to do. Save that authority for God; let him tell you what to do. No one else should carry the title of 'Father'; you have only one Father, and he's in heaven. And don't let people maneuver you into taking charge of them. There is only one Life-Leader for you and them—Christ.
-Matthew 23:8-10 (The Message)


Perhaps I'll share this verse at the kick-off on Thursday!  :-)

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