Wednesday, September 23, 2009

What's in YOUR Name?

I am going through this workbook (To Be Told Workbook by Dan Allender) and it says, "Although the process of naming children in most cultures no longer carries the same significance it did in ancient times, our names still reveal much about us."  It goes on to challenge us to look up the meaning of our names - and so I become curious.

I know I've looked up my name's meaning before - but (for whatever reason) I can never recall what it means, so I am off to cyberspace to discover my name's meaning.

Here is what I find.

Kris Ann Konvally (Ekberg) Riedmann

Kris means "follower of Christ."
Ann means "grace or favour."
Konvally means "lily of the valley."
Ekberg means "oak and hill"
Riedmann means "bog or marsh", referring to one who dwells in either a bog or marsh.

This is VERY interesting to me. 

"Follower of Christ."  I would say that my desire is very truly to follow Christ.  A good friend of mine once called me a disciple of Christ - and that rang true to me, like someone speaking my name to me for the first time.  I thought, "Yes!  Yes!  That is ME!"  Therefore, Kris seems VERY appropriate, though at other periods in my life, it would have rung totally false.  I, too often, not only didn't follow Christ, but ran from Him!  And, FAST!!!

"Grace or Favour."  My first reaction to this was, "I am the MOST ungraceful person I know!  This couldn't be more off."  But then, I considered grace - not as "graceful", but as gracious - and I can't count how many times, I've been told how gracious I am - and recently, as a matter of fact.  Grace is God's gift to me, and out of it, I've much Grace to give.  I am good at granting grace to others - some might even say "too good."  So, like "Follower of Christ," this, too, rings true.

Very, Very, In-tah-resting ...

If you want to discover your first name's meaning, click here.
To discover your last name's meaning, click here.


  1. As an author I'm always looking up names b/c they are very important to the characters I create. I've written a post that is scheduled for Monday. My first name, Jennifer, means "white wave". I've never understood that one.

  2. Cool! I'll have to check out your Monday post! "White wave" ... hmmm, that is rather interesting. A wave, I suppose, is the result of wind meeting water ... and the fact that it is white indicates that the skies are NOT blue ... therefore, stormy?

    Anyway, thanks for the comment. :-)


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