Thursday, November 12, 2009

Picnik at the Park

Our boy, Henry.

We've shared our home with newcomer, Henry, for a week now ... and we adore him!

The first couple days, Henry was very much figuring out his new surroundings and his new people.  He struggled to relax as every noise - water dripping, doors slamming, dryers running, kids' feet running, big dog barking - was new and unknown.

We quickly recognized that Henry preferred women to men.  He wiggled with delight when he saw me - and shrunk back in uncertainty when approached (even cautiously) by Jay.  I won't lie.  I rather enjoyed this.  Still, I had hoped that Henry would become a true family member and not just a "mama shadow" - I already have enough of those!

Fast-forward to today - and Henry is dashing around the house, literally bouncing off the walls (if the back of the sofa counts as a wall, that is), and challenging poor old Kota who might not adore young Henry, but is certainly benefitting from the exercise she recieves from trying to keep up!  He bounds excitedly to the door when Jay comes home tonight and relishes a game of fetch with the boys. 

And, oh ... here is a big deal.  This is Day #1 with NO Henry doodie in the house!  Hallelujah!  From Day 1, he has been very responsible about tinkling outdoors, but heaven forbid that he should have a BM outdoors!  I took him outside immediately after eating, both morning and night - and no matter HOW long I waited and walked with him - nothing!  But as soon as I took him back in and turned the other way - Bingo!  Ugh!  We were concerned that he had some sort of aversion to doing his business outside.  What to do?!

Then, I visited my sister who has 2 dogs herself - a Cairn terrier and a Great Dane.  When I described Henry's aversion, she remarked that this reminded her of Memphis, her terrier, who had an aversion to being watched while doing his #2 business (I understand ...) - and would stop mid-job if someone suddenly appeared.  Anyway, this got me to thinking that it was not the environment that Henry minded, but rather the fact that I stood within 10 feet of him waiting, waiting, waiting.  Sooo ... today, I put him on a tie-out at the appointed times - and went into the house, leaving Henry alone.  After some putzing around, lo and behold - he DOES "it"!!!!  Can I get another "Hallelujah"!?  I praise him up and down - voila'!  By all appearances - problem solved!

Last Saturday, we visited our local dog park, Menomonie Dog Park, with both Henry and Kota.  The WHOLE family had the best time ever!  We loved going into the wide open field and just letting the dogs run unleashed.  What a treat to meet all the other dogs and owners, too.  I SO recommend a visit.  I know we'll return soon!!!

Enjoy some pics from the Dog Park adventure below.  I've edited these with one of my new FAVORITE websites, Picnik - a VERY cool and rather sophisticated free photo editing site!   I HIGHLY recommend (for whatever that's worth!)!!!

Off to the dog park.

Checking out the park's surroundings.

Henry meets a friend.  He likes small dogs.

Hitting the park trail.

 One of many waste stations.

 A boy and his dog.  What's more beautiful than THAT? 


  1. hip hip hooray for going poo outdoors :)
    can't wait to meet henry. what an awesome addition to your fabulous family...

  2. Kris Ann! You are becoming quite a photographer! I LOVE these pics - keep up the great posts!

    PS - I love your "Riedmann Crew" silhouette from Tiddlywinks at the're becoming quite the blog designer...I cannot seem to quite "get it" in that department! Oh, well... :)

  3. Thanks, ladies!

    Jensine - we'll have to arrange that - soon!

    Pennie - THANK YOU SO much for your compliments! Playing with my blog is WAY too much fun for me!!! Love dibble-dabbling with this and that.


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