Sunday, November 15, 2009

A Puppy to Sleep With ... Priceless!

Ah, I feel so thankful.  There is a little black dog sleeping on my son's bed - and it very nearly brings me to tears.

This may seem like such a little thing to many, but to me, this is one of those credit card ad "Priceless" moments. 

For years, Tobey slept with our family pooch, Sophie.  When Sophie passed away last month, Tobes was hit the hardest.  She was his Linus blankie. 

Tonight, when I lay down with Tobey for bedtime prayers, our newbie pooch, Henry, hopped onto the foot of Tobey's bed and curled up in Sophie's old spot.

Tears rolled down Tobey's 8-year-old face as he stroked the little dogs smooth back.

"Mom, I really miss Sophie.  I loved her so much."

Oh, child.  Grief is hard.  I ache to see him ache, but am grateful for the opportunity to share this with him. I hug him tight.

"Mom, it was the right decision to let Sophie go."


We snuggle for a bit. 

Henry begins to breathe deeply under Tobey's young hands.

"Mom ... you can go now."

I smile and tip-toe out so as not to wake our new bed-warmer.

Sleep tight.

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