Monday, December 14, 2009

Holiday Suicide

I'd always believed the urban legend that suicides increase around the holidays.  However, a quick trip to (a site that either debunks or confirms rumors/legends/old wives' tales) surprised me!  I fully expected to find that this was true - but apparently, it is not!


Sadly, the reason for the search was an announcement made in church today during our time of sharing our praises and concerns to lift up during corporate prayer.  One of our nursery providers stood up, took the mic, and began, "I'm sorry to share this news on a day like today ..."  (The choir was preparing to share a lovely cantata for the service), and then she began to cry.

After composing herself, she continued, "My sister passed away last night.  And she was my only sister.  And Dakota's mother.  She ... she took her own life."

Ugh.  Heartbreaking. 

Dakota is 18.  A young man with LOTS of questions now, says his aunt.

A lot of questions to which no one has answers, I'm afraid.

This is one of those situations - like most, really - where asking "Why" gets you nowhere.   After all, if we had all the answers, would we be satisfied?  Really?  Would they make the outcome better?

This is one of those situations - again, like most - where you really need to seek out the "How". 
How do I go forward from here?" 

And to that, I've got the answer.

His name is Jesus.

I'm praying for this family. Won't you join me?

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  1. Oh, my heart breaks for this family! Yes - I will join you, my friend!


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