Monday, December 14, 2009

God's Glory on Tour in the Skies!

Christmas Day 2008 - Lawndale Farm

God's glory is on tour in the skies, God-craft on exhibit across the horizon.
Madame Day holds classes every morning,
Professor Night lectures each evening.
Their words aren't heard,
their voices aren't recorded,
But their silence fills the earth:
unspoken truth is spoken everywhere.
-Psalm 19:1-4 (The Message)

The snow has been falling softly here in Wisconsin - and as I drove the kiddos to school today, I asked Xander how much snow he thought we might get today - a lot or a little?
He said, "I think we'll get 50 thousand trillion google hundred sixty-five sixty."  (Or something like that.)
We started talking not about the snow in inches, but the flakes in number (uncountable!).  Just the flakes we could see while driving were uncountable - and this got my tiny little human brain to thinking about numbering EVERY snowflake that has ever fallen!  (Is your brain hurting, too?!)
By way of educating my son, I pointed out that no two of these flakes was alike - and this fact paired with the brain-aching NUMBER of flakes that have fallen throughout history reminded me of the verses above from Psalms.  God's glory IS on tour in the skies!  How can we look at the snow - or the stars, or the rain, or the clouds, or a sunset or sunrise - and NOT scream, "God is Glorious!!!!"  We have an ENDLESSLY creative Creator.  Who else could - or would - take the time and trouble of designing a new snowflake EVERY snowfall?!  Praise God!  Isn't He amazing?!
(By the way, the photo is from my Mom and Dad's farm last Christmas.  Our family alternates between spending Christmas on the farm - and Christmas at home with Mom-in-law, Shirley.  This year, we stay home - but my heart ALWAYS goes to the farm where I spent every Christmas until adulthood.)


  1. You have just inspired me to go through the Psalms in the Message. That's my next project. I love that! Thanks! I needed to shake things up in my reading. :)


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