Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Makin' Magnets

I just popped in at MckMama's Forum where Michelle from The Gospel Centered Life was looking for ideas for magnets.  I am SO not the magnet queen, but I scrounged up 3 homemade magnets to share with her - and with you!

This first is my favorite model. It is a plastic collector's card holder (like for baseball cards, Pokemon, whatever you - or your kids - collect) - though plastic name badge holders work well, too - with scrapbook paper cut to fit. Mine has a little quote on it, but have also used photos, clip art, my kids drawings, etc. The kids in my Children's Ministry made these with Bible verses and sold them as a fundraiser. Whatever tickles your fancy! The outside can be embellished with any small item (I used a button here) or left un-fancied up. Finally the end is punched with a hole punch and embellished with ribbon.

This is another favorite model.  It is just a clear flat marble with a piece of craft paper punched into a circle and stamped.  I've used different size flat gems and all sorts of different stamps - monograms are a favorite.  I glue this on with a clear dry crafter's glue so that the color or clarity is not compromised.

This one is perfect for this season when we recall the great star that identified the place where our Savior was born.  Unlike that star, this star is a small (2 inch high) embellishment from a craft store.  Start with thin jeweler's wire and hold it to the back of the magnet with one finger and then wrap it across the front and thread with seed beads until the length visible in front is full.  Then wrap around back and repeat until you're satisfied with the design.  Tuck the 2 ends of the wire flat against the back of the magnet, wrapping them together once or twice to secure. Then hit the ends with the hot glue gun and slap a round magnet on the back.

Happy Magnet Making!
(and let me know if you've other fun magnet ideas!)

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  1. Thanks Kris Ann! What neat ideas. I especially like the first one. I am not very crafty, so the third one is a little out of my league (I know, its probably simple but I just think its complicated) and I did the second one two years ago, but the first one seems to suit me pretty well. And I have a bunch of scrapbook paper. Thanks so much!!


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