Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Butterflies in the Blizzard

Here in Menomonie, WI, everything outdoors is covered with a couple inches of white, glittery, newfallen (and still falling) snow.  Truly, it is breathtakingly beautiful - I LOVE the first good covering of winter white (unfortunately - I tire quickly of the cold temps, the wet outerwear and having to brush off my car - if we could somehow take those out of the equation ... I'd be on board). 

When the boys wake up, they are going to be SO thrilled - and not just by the fact that their world was transformed while they slept - but because SCHOOL'S CANCELLED tomorrow!!!  They've no idea yet, but oh how tickled they'll be ...  fun, fun.

Now, given all this chatter about winter and snow and such, it might seem odd that I am dreaming of a butterfly house ... or perhaps, you won't find it odd at all.  Maybe, this talk of snow prompted you to think of butterflies and their houses, too ... but not likely!

Actually, I've been wanting a butterfly house for about 3 years - and I think the one pictured above is  just adorable.  I've got a spot saved for it outside the boys' bedroom window.  Jay and the boys have been fishing for Christmas gift ideas - which is the real reason I've got butterflies on my brain and for that reason, I'm sticking a link here so that they might reel one in!

What about you?  What are you dreaming about finding under the Christmas tree?


  1. Can you wrap some time up for me? (No fair putting it in the shape of a watch or a clock - I want real time.) Time with my husband would be nice. :)

  2. Ha, Pennie! :-)

    If I find some spare time, I'll split it with you!!! teehee

    Glory to God,


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