Monday, January 11, 2010

"not me" Gains a Little Something ...

I am SO happy to report that it is completely NOT ME that gained 5 pounds over the holidays!!! After all - LAST spring, I lost 25 pounds (truly - see here?!), so I'd surely not have thrown caution to the wind and sampled devoured every bonbon, chocolate-covered Ritz, Russion teacake, buttered/sugared lefse, toasted/salted nut ... and on and on ... that made its way into my line of vision. 

AND - BTW, it was NOT ME who avoided the scale ALL holiday season because I was in denial ... and liked it!  No, not me!  I like to confront reality head on ... so that I can pull my head out of the sand and deal with the issues pounds at hand.

And, oh - tee hee - it was NOT ME who went through the trouble of removing my glasses when finally stepping gingerly onto said scale ... because clearly they would not add untold and significant numbers to the reading on the scale.

And THEN, it was NOT ME who went to the further trouble of weighing my glasses just to confirm to myself how neurotic I can be (I so don't need proof of that!).

And, of course, if I had gone to the trouble of weighing my glasses - I would not have photographed the whole neurotic thing ... and then blogged about it ... NOT ME!  And - please note that IF it had been me, my neurosis would have been SO validated ...


A whole (gasp) 1/2 an ounce!!!

So, what have YOU not been up to this week?!

If you'd like to share (or just find out what the rest of the world has NOT done) - head over to MckMama's "Not Me Monday"  - and link up or just read away, savoring the fact that you would SO not do any of the NOT ME stories painted over there!


  1. ok, you had me cracking up!! i think we are alot alike!! great post!! following you now!

  2. oh gosh, you made me laugh! And, I would have taken a photo of my glasses, too..cus I'm just like that...

  3. I do Weight Watchers and I always take off all my jewelry etc so as to not TIP the scale. Too funny glad I am not the only one.

  4. LOL! I just weighed myself today too-totally in denial and not wanting to know what christmas did to me! 7 pounds--sigh. here we go again!


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