Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Repurposed Decor on 2 Things 2sday

I love all things related to home decor, so I love to play along with Kass at BacWoods Fern on her Tuesday bloghop in which you share two things that you are just LOVIN' around your house!

You wanna play, too - or just snoop aroung and see what everyone else is lovin' around their house today? Take a little trip over to BacWoods Fern for all the deets!

And now for a few of MY favorite things ...

I love all sorts of objects around my home ... and I REALLY love when I find a new purpose for some of my favorite objects.  This week I am sharing two of my favorite items at home that I fell in love with some time ago - and then fell in love with all over again when they were given new purposes.

The first is this coffee cup from Anthropology, that I adored as my coffee receptacle, but enjoy even MORE now that it sits in front of me every morning at my computer desk as a caddy for pens, pencils, crayons (I didn't put them there, but SOMEBODY did ... I have 2 suspects), scissors, hole punch and a cute little ladybug stamp.

And this (below) was purchased as a dog dish holder.  I've always loved it, but was no longer using it when pooch Sophie died last fall.  I couldn't bear to part with it, but felt a little silly having a useless dog dish holder sitting around.  But then, I had a brilliant (at least it felt brilliant ...) - I would use it not as a dog dish holder, but as a potted plant holder!  Voila'!


  1. ooh i love anthro! and i love that you are using your mug to hold your pens.
    thanks for playing today!!

  2. I do so love how creative you are with every day things. That plant holder idea is GENIUS :)

    happy tuesday to you Kris Ann! xo

  3. Cute, cute, cute! The dog is really cute, Kris Ann! And the mug is really you!

  4. Ok, I love that coffee cup (I mean, the plant holder is nice, too, but I am partial to coffee cups)...I love it! I would love one with an 'S'.


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