Monday, March 1, 2010

Wanna Know a Secret ... ?

I just read something interesting in a little flyer I got recently from Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.

The headline read, A Secret about Women.

I figured that, as  a woman, I probably was already in on the "secret" (whatever it might be), but curiosity is a strong suit of mine, so I read on ... and, ooh, girlfriends ... this is interesting!

Did you know that the average woman
cannot keep a secret for much longer than 47 hours?

Its true! 

According to a study done in England, we don't even make it all the way through 2 days without blowing the cover of whomever has so trustingly chosen to confide in us.  Apparently, we women, spill the goods to at least one other person in 47 hours and 15 minutes (if you wanna be specific.)

The study of 3000 women (ages 18 - 65) found that 40% of women are unable to keep a secret regardless of how personal or confidential the subject matter is.

Wanna know what topped the list of "spilled secrets?"
  • intimate issues
  • true cost of purchases
  • affairs
So, choose your confidants wisely
... particularly if you're planning to dish on any one (or all) of the above topics.


  1. I am horrible with secrets, so I will give you that one! I once even told a girl about the surprise party I had been planning for her, because I just couldn't stand keeping it from her! So bad... And I don't know what happened, but somehow I wasn't following you anymore. I am following again now! I saw your email tonight and thought "it has been so long since I saw a new post of hers!"

  2. Very interesting! I've found this to be true of some people I've confided - you DO have to choose those you confide in wisely. I do think men can keep secrets much easier than women. Women tend to be looser in the lips!

  3. Whew! I just got an e-mail from a friend reminding me not to spill a secret she told me on Saturday. So I think now that I have made it well past the 47 hour mark I can hold it in for the rest of my life. hahaha. Such relief.

  4. HAHA...I totally agree. I'm terrible at keeping secrets! I have to tell my Hubby everything!

  5. I wonder sometimes if the inability to keep a secret is sometimes associated with guilt...of somehow not being completely truthful with people when confronted. I'm usually good with secrets, but have absolutely no "poker face". If directly confronted I feel a push to divulge the truth and struggle to find a way to answer w/o spillin' the beans or lying.
    I think though, that sometimes when women(or girls) share a secret it gives them a feeling of closeness with the other person.
    I don't think men struggle much with the second one in that way, their primary need for closeness is more physical than least most men that I have known. Maybe it has to do some with how our brains work and the times when we have a harder time -not thinking- about things. Ok...I'll stop rambling my thoughts out here. : )

  6. that is so true. I am horrible at keeping secrets of any sort. I end up telling a gf, my husband, family, my internet friends. someone has to know.

  7. Secrets ARE tough for women. I used to feel that secrets were like bombs ... they were just inevitably gonna blow up.

    I have come to a point (this is a God-given gift, NOT something I can do on my own) where I no longer feel compelled to pass along the secrets of others (for the most part) - and even those that I feel compelled to share, I am able to share with Him (my God) so that I needn't spew it all over where it doesn't belong.

    However, like scion - I have an aversion to lying when pressed for the truth. I have learned to say, "I'm not free to share that information." which might (in some cases) result in a "spilling of the beans" to a certain extent.

    Secrets are tough.

    I favor transparency in my own life ... secrets have really only led me into self-imposed bondage.


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