Saturday, February 13, 2010

LOVE is ...

I get to work with amazing children and their families through Children's Ministry.  I also cannot fail to mention that I work with amazing volunteers - without whom I'd be a burnt-out failure.  God 's so good to provide the best of the best. 

I ♥ my volunteers ...
I ♥ my families ...
I ♥ my kiddos ...
I ♥ my God ... and the job that He's given me!

So, tomorrow is ♥ Day ... and I am so excited to see what the kiddos will do with this ...

Heart graphic from The Graphics Fairy, editing done at Picnik.

I went to a little Valentine's Ladies Night last night with a few of my besties (here we are ... just in case you didn't believe me ... tee hee) ...

Me, pal N, and pal D.  Note the Table Tents ...

... and while we were visiting and snacking, I suddenly noticed the table decor.  The church kids (our Valentine's event was at N and D's church) had completed the prompt, "Love is ..." on little table tents - and they were signed with name and age ... and were positively PRECIOUS!!!   The only one I can remember right now (I read 3, so I'm 1 for 3 ... whatever that means) said, "Love is ... hugs from Mommy.  Clayton.  Age 4."



Come on, Mommies!  Is that not Adorable!!!???!!!

Full Disclosure:  I made up the name (Clayton) - but it did say "hugs from Mommy" and "Age 4."  Just wanna stay on the up-n-up with y'all!  ;-)

Soooo ... anyhoodle, I have copied the idea for my Children's Ministry kiddos tomorrow.  I think this is something that will be ADORED by parents of ALL ages, so will distribute to all of the classes.

Whadda YOU say "Love is ..."?

I'd love to know ...

Blessings ♥,

Kris Ann


  1. That is the most adorable idea ever, and I would love to hear what the kiddos come up with!

    For me, Love is...

    My favorite little boy wrapping his arms tight around my neck and telling me I'm his favorite auntie!

  2. I love this idea! They would make great additions to a scrapbook...

  3. What a great idea! YOu have to post some of the answers! (Kids are so wise! funny, sometimes!)

  4. S.I.F. - LOVE IS hugs from little kiddos - so pure, right?! That is such a true expression of love.

    A - Yes! Great idea with the scrapbooking!

    P - I WILL record some of the answers - there really WERE some good ones!

  5. Hey! Just found you at Friday Follow and thought I'd stop by. Feel free to stop by and follow my blog at

  6. What a cute idea. I wanna know what they answered :o)


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