Saturday, April 3, 2010

Empty Tomb Rolls

This morning, my kiddos and the neighbors' kiddos made one of our Easter favorites ... Empty Tomb Rolls.  Some folks call these Resurrection Rolls ... and, who knows, perhaps other folks call them other things, but we call them Empty Tomb Rolls.  My kids (ages 5 and 9), just LOVE to help with this project. The best part is that the recipe preparation reinforces the Resurrection story (in fact, last year - my Sunday School kiddos made this recipe during our Easter Celebration).

Here's the scoopedy-do-dah!

  • Crescent roll dough (I use 2 tubes which makes 16 rolls)
  • Melted butter (I use 1/2 cup - but could probably get away with less)
  • Large marshmallows (16, or 1 for each crescent roll)
  • Cinnamon-Sugar (I mix 1/2 cup sugar with 1 Tbsp. cinnamon)
The Process:
1)  Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

2) Prep the ingredients in a little assembly line. My photo is backwards. Ideally, organize in this order: crescent roll dough (separated in triangles), marshmallows, melted butter, and cinnamon-sugar.

3)  Gather the kiddos!  The more, the merrier!!!  Start each kiddo with a marshmallow and a crescent roll triangle.  Tell them that the marshmallow represents Jesus, holy and pure.   The roll represents the linen wrapping that was placed about the body before burial.

4)  Set the marshmallow in center of crescent roll and wrap it inside, pinching to seal tightly.  The tighter it is sealed, the better it turns out.  If not sealed tightly, the marshmallow goo escapes all over the place.  :-)

5)  Drop wrapped marshmallow in melted butter and cover thoroughly.  This is representative of the embalming oils.

6)  Next roll the buttered roll in the cinnamon-sugar.  This represents the spices used to annoint the body.

7)  Place the rolls in a muffin pan to bake.  (Most recipes suggest a cookie sheet or bar pan, but I find that the muffin pan creates a nice, uniform shape.)

8)  Bake in oven for 12 minutes.  The oven represents the tomb in which you are placing Jesus' body.  Pretend that the baking period is three days in length.

9)  Remove rolls and cool slightly.  When the kiddos open the rolls (burial cloth), they will discover that the body is gone!  Christ is risen!!!  Praise God!!!

The best part of all of this is that Christ really IS alive, but a distant second best part is that these rolls are REALLY good!!! 

Enjoy ... and have a blessed Resurrection Day celebration.

Kris Ann

PS - If you'd like to present this as more of a devotion, read Matthew 28:5-8 as you dine on your rolls.


  1. It's funny, I saw that you were doing this with your kids on FB and thought what is that? and here it is laid out perfectly for me! I must try this.
    Love, Liz

  2. You're welcome, Liz! Let me know how they turn out!!! This is just the second year that we've done these ... but they were such a hit last year that the kids started asking if we could make them again as soon as Easter decor showed up in the stores (probably back in December! Ha!)

    Have a blessed Sunday celebration!

  3. Hey Kris Ann! After seeing you in target we decided to make some too! Yours turned out so great! I took a video of Joey explaining how to make them. Thanks for posting this! Maybe you could repost this next year??

  4. I so want to do this next year. My friend made a similar "resurrection treat" with biscuits. I think I'd like the crescent rolls--seems easier. Anyway, next year I hope to do it. Oh, and thanks for the tip on using a muffin tin (or P.C. stoneware, in your case ;)). I like things neat and orderly. Great new look, by the way. It's been a while since I've stopped by. Good to "see" you. ;)

  5. Hi! That's such a neat thing to do on Easter. I'll have to remember this. Also, I'm now following you on Friend Connect and would love to have you follow me, too. :)

  6. Ma’am,

    I am a missionary from the U.S. living in South Korea. I work with a congregation of mostly Americans, but also people from several others nations, all living in South Korea. Earlier this week while I was Google searching for images of Jesus’ empty tomb, I saw a picture of a “tomb role.” Out of curiosity, I clicked on the pic, which took me to your blog. I copied the tomb role steps and used them with my two children and their two best friends. My wife then posted the pics of our tomb role making experience with recipe on facebook, where friends all over South Korea (and a few back in the States) have gotten the idea. Your blog post has become a hit among Christians from many different nations, living in South Korea. Thank you for being a blessing to other believers, even those you have never met, living on the far side of the world.

    Grace & Peace,

  7. Thank you So much for sharing this with me, Mark! I find this very encouraging. It blesses me that you and your family and friends found and enjoyed this recipe!

    Kris Ann


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