Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thank You, God!

Song lyrics | Hold My Heart lyrics

I absolutely LOVE this song (and this band - hats off, Tenth Avenue North)! 

Every time I hear these lyrics on the radio, my heart positively shifts into worship mode. Who hasn't felt the smallness of their tears being just "one drop in the driving rain"?  Who hasn't felt the insignificance of their voice in "a sea of pain"?
And yet ... YET ... the answer to the question posed here -
"Could the Maker of the stars hear the sound of my breakin' heart?"
- is YES!!!!

Yes, yes, yes!  Hallelujah!  Yes.

Now if that doesn't make you wanna jump up in a spirit of praise and worship - whether you're stuck in a pit or soaring from a mountain top or trudging the plains in between - I don't know what will!!!

I am thankful this Thanksgiving season - and ALWAYS - that the great Maker of the stars sees me right where I am in body and spirit,
knows the very number of hairs on my head,
knit me together in my mother's womb,
has a good plan for me (for me!) and for ALL of us,
weeps with me in my sorrow,
rejoices with me in our triumphs,
forgives me over and over and over,
blesses me in spite of myself,
never leaves me,
never forsakes me,
holds my heart ... because ... because it is His ... freely given.

Praise God.


  1. I love this song too...but they are called Tenth Avenue North (lol)! Thanks for reminding me how good this song is! Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Oh my word! I am LOL with you!!! Just corrected my silly self! I love when He humbles me like that! Ha!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you, too! :-)


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